Bacteria is Nature's way to degrade organic waste. Different strains of bacteria occur everywhere in nature and their function is to consume and degrade organic waste and break it down until the final by-product in your tank and pipes is carbon dioxide and water. Most bacteria need a pH from 5 to 8, a temperature of 50 to 90 degrees F, a food source (organic waste), and enough moisture to support life.

Surfactants are used in Eagles-7 Septic Clean to disperse part of the organic waste to allow more surface area for the bacteria to attach. The bacteria will recognize the presence of different organic waste products in the water then will swim over to the food and attach to it. Then they secrete the appropriate enzymes to break down the waste into microscopic particles that are fed to the bacteria.

The bacteria grow in size, then duplicate themselves into identical bacteria cells, and continue to multiply to cover the waste completely and eventually degrade it. These bacteria are self-regulating because they only stay on the food source until it is degraded. After the organic waste is gone they search for more or just hibernate until more waste is added to the waste water.

Why do you need to add Eagles-7 Septic Clean to your septic system? Because bacteria have a normal life cycle, like any other living organism, and are affected by changes in temperature, pH, the lack of oxygen, and any possible presence of chemicals, chlorine, quaternary sanitizing compounds (fabric softeners, soaps, disinfectants, shampoo, etc), solvents, caustics, acids, or similar products that could kill bacteria or inhibit their growth.

Spore forming Bacteria is used in Eagles-7 Septic Clean and they have the ability to encapsulate themselves in a hard shell and basically 'go to sleep' until the environment changes to support Bacteria life and growth. Then they wake up, recognize the presence of a food source, and continue to consume, degrade, live and die, in the waste treatment system.

We put billions of Bacteria in every bottle of Eagles-7 Septic Clean. They are in the sleeping mode when you purchase them and are immediately ready to consume and degrade organic waste! Eagle-7 Septic Clean is not corrosive to your pipes.