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"I bought Eagle-7 septic clean for the first time several years ago after I had a horrible experience with black stuff coming from my toilet from my septic tank backing up. I started using this monthly and it has never happened again! It works great and has a great scent! It has saved me tons of money!"

- AK - Yellow Springs, Ohio

"For months my house had a horrible odor I could not find the source of the foul odor till my brother came over for a visit. I was so embarrassed by the smell; he allowed the smell was coming from my sink drain. He recommended I get a bottle of Eagles-7 Septic Clean I poured it down both drains and within minutes the odor was gone and has yet to return of course I now treat all drains, as well as, toilets with Eagles-7 Septic Clean once a month."

- MB – Miami, FL

"Thank you Eagles-7 Septic Clean I am no longer disgusted when I treat my drains and toilets each month. Just the thought of looking at that powder septic tank treatment and having to clean my toilet after dumping the other companies R_ _-X powder. Thanks for your great smelling and convenient septic and drain treatment. "

- Devoted to Using Eagles-7 Septic Clean - Fort Morgan,AL

"I had problems with a slow shower drain fearing the worst I took off the drain screen and removed the hair that contributed to the slowness and treated the drain with Eagles-7 Septic Clean Liquid. The following morning shower it was scary how fast the water was going down the drain. Thanks Eagles-7 for another great product!"

- KR - Chattanooga TN

"I remodel homes during the renovation I kept smelling this terrible sewage smell I looked everywhere in the house and found nothing. I then went to the crawl space after opening the door I found where the smell was originating there was raw sewage emptying on the ground from the drain lines I went to the hardware store down the road they recommended Eagles-7 Septic Clean took it to the house poured it on the ground under the house, as well as, in all toilets and drains by the next morning the smell was gone. Eagles-7 Septic Clean saved the day!"

- LV – Missouri

"I began smelling a sewage type smell in my bathroom. I kept thinking the toilet and the floor around it was dirty…. After a lot of scrubbing and frustration, I realized that was not the problem so I decided to start eliminated causes. Before I went to bed one night I closed the drain in my sink and bathtub and the next morning the smell was gone. Bingo! Unfortunately, when I got home from work that evening, it was back. After asking around I found out the drain pipes in my home can get a coating of waste on the inside and that was what was causing the bad odor in my home. I started reading labels and comparing prices and chose E-7 Septic Clean – it was a lot cheaper that the powder cleaner that you flush down your toilet. The ingredients have live bacteria that coat and eat away the waste lining my pipes. First time I used it, I poured a whole bottle in every drain, closed the drains, then went to bed. The next morning the smell was gone and has not come back. Now I use Septic Clean once a month – I don’t want to experience that ever again! Thanks,"

- Barbara, Spring City, TN

"In 2004 we purchased our home (built in 1951). We were told that the septic system was pretty old and they recommended we clean the tank every two years to “keep down any problems”. When I moved in I began using Eagles-7 Septic Clean – by pouring it down the tub drain the first of every month. It has been seven years and we have not had any issues with our septic system. Not sure how the stuff works, but sure the only maintenance expense I’ve had these past 7 years is one $5.00 bottle of Septic Clean. That’s good enough for me!"

- GR Atlanta, GA

"I recently had my septic tank pumped not that it needed it, I had heard they should be pumped every few years based on usage. I have used Eagles-7 Septic Clean for the past 10 years that I have owned the house. When the service person started pumping to his amazement there was no odor he ask if I have ever treated to which I replied monthly with Eagles-7 Septic Clean he responded for me to keep it up for it is doing its job."

- PC – Strawberry Plains,TN

"Eagles-7 septic clean has saved me money and done a great job for us. Our daughter prepared breakfast for my wife and I for our anniversary. Unfortunatly see dumped the bacon grease down the sink, which we had never done as not to clog it up. I looked in the drain with a flashlight and could see the hardened drippings in the pipe. Instead of taking the pipe apart I added your product and before running water through it I could not see any more evidence of the drippings in the pipe. Thanks for saving me the expense and time of having to pull the pipes apart! "

- FB, Arlington, TX

"I switched from Rid-x septic treatment to Eagles-7 septic Clean about 6 months ago, and what a difference. Since Eagles-7 is a liquid I can utilize in any drain pipe in the house. I could only use Rid-x in toilets. I’ve noticed the biggest difference in the kitchen sink! Since adding Eagles-7 in the kitchen sink we no longer have any odor at all from there. Now I split dosages down bathroom sinks and tub drains also. What a great product! "

- BH, Augusta, GA