How to have free flowing drain lines and a healthy septic system:


  1. Treat your drains, drain lines, grease traps and septic system with Eagles-7 Septic Clean.
  2. Treatment with Eagles-7 Septic Clean does not guarantee you will never have to have your septic tank pumped but if treated on a regular bases with Eagles-7 Septic
  3. Clean it will greatly reduce the frequency of pumping at an average cost of $300.00 per.


  1. A label states an item is disposable it does not mean it is good for your septic tank.
  2. No Solids (food waste garbage disposals are not recommended for use with a septic tank).
  3. Solids which form on contact (grease, glue, and cement).
  4. Disposable feminine hygiene products, disposable wipes and quilted toilet paper are not good for your system they take so long to degrade.